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Chinese Translation


Business Documents Professionally Translated into Chinese.  We specialize in translating technical manuals, engineering documents, legal contracts, and marketing documents from English into Chinese..

Each Chinese Translation Double-Checked for Quality.  Our first priority is quality.  Whether it's Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese, each translation is reviewed by a second translator who proofreads the document, checks it for grammatical and linguistic errors, and makes sure it is easily understood by the target audience.

Free Translation Sample.  We understand spending thousands of dollars on a Chinese translation without knowing the language can be daunting.  On large projects, we can arrange for the translator to translate a small sample for you to review.  We want to make sure you are confident that our translators will accurately translate your documents.

We Charge “Per Word”.   In addition to quality, we know that price is very important.  We charge “per word” based on the number of words in the original document.  If you are translating from Chinese into English, the price is based on "per Chinese character". This price can vary depending on complexity of text, number of words and the deadline. Because we focus on business-to-business translations, there is a $150 minimum per project.

Volume Discounts.  We do offer volume discounts as the number of words or characters increase.  This generally applies when the total number of words in a project exceeds 50,000 words. 

Discount for Repetitions.  We can help reduce your overall “per word” price by analyzing your documents for repetitions.  Our program can analyze the files to see how many times specific terms and phrases are repeated within the document and between documents.  If there is a large number of repetitions, we offer a 50% discount on the repeated words.

How Long Will It Take?  On average, a Chinese translator can accurately translate about 2,000 words per day.  We also need an extra day to prepare and get everything ready.  So, if your document is 8,000 words or less, it can be finished within one week.  For large projects, we can also have multiple translators working on the documents with a common editor to review and finalize the documents.


In our translator network, we have many native-English translators whose sole focus is translating from Simplified Chinese into English as well Traditional Chinese into English.  Many of them are certified and experienced in a wide range of specialties – technical, legal, engineering, software, marketing, just to name a few.


The first question that must be asked with Chinese translations is "Do you need 'Simplified' or 'Traditional'?" It depends on which country you are targeting. Use the listing below:

  • Mainland China — Simplified Chinese

  • Taiwan — Traditional Chinese

  • Hong Kong — Traditional Chinese

  • United States —- Traditional Chinese (generally)

  • Macao — Traditional Chinese

  • Singapore — Simplified Chinese


In additional to translating the words in a Microsoft Word document, we can work with HTML, PHP and ASP files taken directly from a website.  We also can edit GIF, JPEG, EPS, TIFF, PSD graphic files and translate them into the correct language.


Many time, Chinese documents are created using DTP software within the Chinese OS. Plus, Chinese DTP documents use very unique Chinese fonts which may not work on a traditional computer. After the translation is complete, we can also do the formatting/layout (typesetting) so that the Chinese documents are ready for the printer.  We work with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Microsoft PowerPoint and other similar programs. Usually, the easiest format to give the printers is a high-resolution PDF which is ready for printing.